my so-called bucket list.

It’s currently 12:01am, and I should REALLY be sleeping…because well, I have to be up in less than 5 hours to go to work.  But, I think maybe my yoga session woke up my brain.  Now, I’m lying in bed and my mind is just racing…

So many thoughts and ideas are running through my mind.  Certain things happening at work have lately made me think a lot about my life, where it’s at now and where I want it to be in the future.  I have a lot of things I want to accomplish and I should probably start doing that.  Every time someone asked me what was on my bucket list, I always said I didn’t really have one…because really I didn’t.  I don’t really like to live according to a list…I just LIVE, that’s all. If that makes sense….kinda like, live in the moment and see where life takes me.  Heck, I don’t even really plan out what I’ll do for the day.

In some way though, I guess I do have a bucket list…a more sophisticated one, if you will. Of just a bunch of life goals I want to accomplish before I die. (and if they don’t happen, I would hope someone close to me would try to accomplish it in my honor) :)

GET A MASTERS DEGREE – In either International Business or Entrepreneurship. 

LEARN MORE – “Learn more.” Sounds stupid and a little vague.  But really, I want to gain more knowledge about a lot of things…especially marketing, web design, photography, even coffee and baking. (It’s probably a good thing then, that my boss is making me attend a web design class for a few days.) 

BE A MORE BEAUTIFUL PERSON – Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally.  Most people might disagree with me and be like, “What?! Girl, you’re crazy. You’re already beautiful all around.”  Although I can see how you might think that’s true, I personally know that there are certain parts about me physically, mentally, and emotionally that need to change.  Which is partially why I started yoga and meditation in the first place. 

OWN A BUSINESS – I already have an idea in my head. A pretty cool one at that, all thanks to Thomas Obungen. If not a sake and dessert bar, it’s going to be a photography cafe. I already have certain things for it planned out in my head and written down on paper, now it’s just a matter of when I’ll be able to execute it.  Probably not for many more years.  **I’m waiting for my BEST FRIEND to graduate college first, so he can help me like he promised ;) Haha. 

TRAVEL THE WORLD – Well, maybe not the ENTIRE world.  But, I do especially want to go to Japan, China, Thailand, England, France, and Australia.  Really though, and people might already know this due to a review I once wrote on Yelp, but I’m on a mission to find the best coffee shop in the world :p

PHILANTHROPY – That’s right.  I want to be a Philanthropist.  I’m a big believer in giving back to the community.  So, that is definitely one thing I plan to do, preferably using the “photography” part of my cafe as a vessel.  I also want to possibly start my OWN charity geared towards a cause close to my heart. 

And lastly…but absolutely NOT least (because I’ve talked about it many times before.)

FIND TRUE LOVE A love that is not forced, but natural.  A love that is based off one’s connection with the other person, and not purely physical.  A love that keeps progressing and never stops growing.  Sounds cheesy. But, it’s what I want.  Heck, it’s what every girl wants.  I want someone who will make me smile every day of my life, who I can have fun with, that I can trust with every secret that I have, and who will support me and all of my dreams, and of course, in return I’ll do the same. (After all, with all that money I plan to have in the future…I need someone to share it with) ;) Lol.


I just realized I forgot to post yesterday.  But, whatever…I’ve had one heck of a day today, and I really don’t even care. :P

I just finished a really fulfilling yoga flow and meditation session. :D And, I’m completely at peace.

I can’t even express how much my life has transformed since I started doing yoga and meditation regularly.  It feels sooo AMAZING.  I know I definitely have work to do in both aspects, but I can honestly say that it’s starting to give me a different outlook on everything around me (if it hasn’t already).

Tonight, I’m especially thankful for my cousin Randy Haruto Ueda, for opening my eyes to the practice of meditation. :D  Thank you for your posts of inspiration on Facebook, and the advice you’ve given me. All I can say is, can you move here already and start a meditation group? Lol.

Love you.

Here’s to my soul sister Part 2.

So the other day as I was drafting a new post and adding it to my queue (I tend to do that just in case I forget or don’t have time to post regularly), I guess my post to my soul sister got deleted. Major sad face!! You should’ve heard me swearing my head off last night.

I would rewrite everything I said last time word for word. But I won’t…mainly because I’m pretty sure you all don’t want to hear me get all sappy about my sister for a second time.  Instead, I’ll just state for the MILLIONTH TIME how EXCITED I am to see you in December!! :) And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU a MILLION MORE TIMES for allowing my boss to have things sent to your house and delivering it to us :D YOU’RE THE B – E – S – T.

Today, I am thankful that I have a roommate.  On a day when I accidentally forgot my key on the nightstand in my room and locked myself out of the house, I have to be more than grateful that she was willing to lend me her key…& more so for the fact that she was minutes from starting her first shift at her new job, when I texted her and they let me meet her at work to pick it up. :)

Thank you, Jas.

There definitely needs to be more hours in a day.  I swear, it’s like I blink and it’s already the start of a new day.  There’s so much going on in my life right now, every time I tell myself I’m going to write a blog post, I get distracted by something else.  Proof is in the 5 days that I forgot to post for my so-called “DAILY” Thanksgiving blogging.

Well, in those 5 days…I was sure to encounter reasons to be thankful for someone or something in my life.

Nov. 11th — Well, of course. the obvious. Thank you to all the veterans and those currently in the military serving our country.

Nov. 12th — I was thankful for my sense of patience.  There were so many things that day that could’ve easily make me lose my mind, but I just kept telling myself to not pay too much attention to it and breathe….woooosaaaaaa!!

Nov. 13th — I was just thankful to have a day off.  A day to myself, to just relax, and not worry about a thing in the world.

Nov. 14th — Well since it seems I’m coming down with a cold, last night I was thankful for chicken soup, water & tea, a long hot bath, and a good night’s rest!!

Today, Nov. 15th — Thanks to Emergen-C and Pho for also being remedies to my cold. I really need to kill this cold before it gets worse.  This is really really really not the time for me to be getting sick!

I’ve fallen 4 days behind…this is unacceptable.

My friend Patrick once said, in order to keep up a blog, you need time to write.  I couldn’t agree more.  I have two blogs and finding the time to write has proven to be a difficult task within my incredibly busy schedule.  It’s hard even finding time to fit in yoga practice and spending time with my best friend. But then again, he’s just as busy too so…we’re even. Lol

With that all said, I’ve officially fallen about 4 days behind in my Thanksgiving posts.  In order to make up for it, I will dedicate those four days to two people:

Jason Jaya Prakash, Thank you a million times…paying for our HUGE mistake of a $400 bill at Wada, on Saturday.  If it weren’t you though, it definitely would’ve been me paying off that bill…if I hadn’t just recently made a major withdrawal for rent prior to that dinner.  Honestly though, for those of us who were there, we all know who should be apologizing and THANKING you big time.  Let’s hope he pays you back soon!! But, yes…due to that GRAND gesture, considering you NEVER do that sort of thing (according to Liam), I feel like we all cannot say thank you enough!! This thanks in my opinion makes up for at least two days that I missed blogging.

and for the second time…I need to thank Shachou.  Thank you so much for last night’s amazing dinner at Kai Market.  All You Can Eat seafood buffet???? Say what?! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It was heaven! You are the best boss ever, thank you for caring so much about the well being of your employees and planning outings like last night for us. :)

…and that gesture by shachou alone shall make up for the other two days. Lol.

Stay tuned for Day 11.

Life Coach Incognito, Part 2.

Day 6 goes to Patrick Oiye.

Aside from him constantly trying to convince me to quit my job and come work for The Curb (one day, maybe…one day)
…his mind is filled with so much wisdom that always intrigues me.

Sure, we talk about the general stuff…like how our day is going, how life is for us in general, and work, etc. But, at some point our conversations always go off on a tangent that results in a life lesson for me :)  Without a doubt, I always leave having learned something new or being inspired to accomplish something new.

Patrick, thank you for all of our conversations. Thank you for sharing your opinions with me, whether it’s about coffee, music, owning a small business, or whatever. Lol, I take all of it to heart.

Lately, I’ve been debating starting a blog.  Sure, I have this one.  Which revolves around things that generally impact my life….but, I want something that is more substantial.  Something that has more meaning behind it other than talking about my life and surroundings and the people in it.  However, I’ve just been struggling to find the right topic to focus on.

Patrick mentioned today that there aren’t really too many good coffee blogs out there.  And, the ones that exist are more from the consumer aspect.  I agree wholeheartedly.  But wait…no, that doesn’t mean I suddenly got the brilliant idea to start a coffee blog.  Although, at this point…I’m surprised I haven’t already.

Considering I want to someday own a business and preferably my own bakery or cafe, the mention of coffee blogs actually gave me the inspiration to maybe start a bakery blog.  Or, “baking” blog.  Not sure of the exact concept yet….I need to figure it all out. But, it will happen :) …soon!